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Affiliate Online Store | 5 Reasons For Being An Affiliate For Amazon


ome affiliate marketers avoid being an affiliate for Amazon because they feel the 4% commission is not worth the time and effort.  This can be true if you only sell a few books – 4% on a $15.00 book will not put food on your table. However, if you are looking for ways to make […]

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Avoid Writer's Block In Online Marketing

Here's A Quick Way To Get 22 ideas For Your Next Blog Post


Blogging about your business is an essential online marketing strategy for anyone starting a home business. It's something you have to do and unless you have staff or an online marketing budget for outsourcing, you are stuck with doing it yourself. If you are like most starting a home business it will be the latter. […]

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Baby Boomers Need An Online Business

Why Baby Boomers Need An Online Business


Having An Online Business Will Help Baby Boomers Retire We were the generation that thought we would never grow old! Just look at us now, retirements right around the corner or we’re already there. Baby Boomers will have a very different retirement to that of our parent’s generation. 650,000 of us turned 65 during 2011 […]

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Listening Is An Important Communication Tool

Listening Is Communication


Listening Is An Important Communication Tool Listening is a major part of communicating that we should pay more attention to. We have less face-to-face communicating these days. So much of it is by texting and e-mailing. These methods are successful in getting information to another person immediately but they are just words. Meet face-to-face if […]

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