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Personal Development is an ongoing project for us all. Maintaining a proper mindset is crucial to starting a home business. If your head is not on straight, your career will be short.. There are many disciplines like time management and mindset training that you will not be successful without.

The Spirit Of Christmas Banner   Christmas is almost here and I have been thinking about the Spirit of Christmas. Are you finding it hard to find that Christmas Spirit? Does it seem like there’s too much hustle, stress and commercialism? As an Online Business Owner, I seldom meet my customers, clients or my online business team in person. So I have composed a list of ways that I can share the Spirit of Christmas all year long.   Christmas Commitment  Commitment. Make a promise to clients and team members to provide the service and support they deserve. Christmas Help    Help. Be ready to give assistance and support  and provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need. ChristmasRelationship  Relationships. Build and nurture the connections that have been established and continue to build new relationships. Christmas Inspire   Inspire. Be passionate and motivating in order to influence others to achieve success.   Christmas Support    Support. Encourage and help others, enabling  others to have confidence and achieve their goals. Christmas Team   Team. There is no “I” in team. Make sure to add value and support to all new and existing team members. Christmas Mentor   Mentor. Share experience, knowledge and leadership with others in order to help them achieve their goals. Christmas Adapt    Adapt. Nothing is as constant as change. It is necessary to accept change and take on challenges in order   to learn and grow. Christmas Share   Share. Christmas is about sharing and giving. Whether it’s knowledge, time or supporting charities; that is how the spirit of Christmas can be found.   There is nothing as wonderful as seeing the magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes. See what happens in this video.   Signature  
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Making Your Case


A Priority For Personal Development   Isn’t “making your case” what much of life is about? We start early doing it. As babies, we cried to get what we wanted. As toddlers, we cried sometimes but developed other skills like whining, being annoying or being cute to get our way. As adolescents, a whole new […]