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Internet Marketing Tools or Productivity Tools are absolutely essential to success. In this category we will discuss and review some that we think are indispensable, like the Google Keyword Tool, commercial keyword and niche tools, article spinners, WordPress Plugins and more. Pay special attention here!

Yes You Can Do Internet Article Marketing!

  Article MarketingInternet article marketing is used to promote products and services online via article directories. For those who are starting a home business it will help establish your authority in your niche and get backlinks to your blog or website. It’s quite easy to do article marketing.
  1. Write an article. It would include a link to your website or affiliate link.
  2. Send your articles to many of the free article directories.
  3. People read the article. Many search using Google or keywords. People click on the links you provide.
  4. They have the choice then to buy your product or affiliate product.
Search engines look at the article directories to see how the web page ranks. These directories send traffic from readers. PageRank rates the articles and connects to the author’s website.

Article Marketing Tactics

The internet marketers that write the articles submit them to many article directories to get the most exposure.The major search engines look at the content and if it is already published they filter it so people don’t get more than one copy of an article. Article spinning is what some marketers do so they can use the same article, they just change some of the words so it doesn’t show up as duplicate content. To get search engine traffic the authors use keywords or key phrases in their articles. People searching the word will see the article. Proper use of keywords ensures that more people will see it. Use the keyword tool to choose the best title for your article. If you have a niche you are interested in and you keep submitting articles about it, you may be recognized as an expert in your field. By testing and tracking your submissions you can see what people are attracted to. When people go to your website, if you offer something practical for free that they could use, it will attract more traffic. One way back links are a great way to bump up your search engine ranking by directing a lot of traffic to your website! That is one of the best ways to REALLY sell more products, services, courses or programs (either yours or someone else’s). Online businesses and affiliate marketers use Internet article marketing to promote their products also. A huge bonus is the article directories are the host so you don’t have to have a website or pay to get traffic. Some of the top article directories are Article Alley, IdeaMarketers, SearchWarp, Sooper Articles and so on. It includes several shared video sites. SEO (search engine optimization) traffic doesn’t cost anything. It gets more qualified people to view you because 70-90% of internet users use Google to search for what they want. Pay-per-click is another way to get people to your site. It could cost you a lot more and the people are much less likely to buy what you are selling. High rankings are the key to your success! Susan Bowman P.S.: Please click the “Like” button, share with your friends, and leave your comments. I look forward to hearing from you, or answering your questions.  

Article Marketing Is An Essential Strategy For Online Internet Marketers

Article Marketing

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