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Keyword Research is an integral part of business success. Finding niches with sufficient buyer interest and low competition is an art form. You can only become an expert with guidance and practice.

What information do keyword tools provide?Keyword Tools

  The more you learn about keyword tools – the more you find there is to learn! Generally when you are getting started with your blog you simply want to find profitable keywords to focus on in your blog posts.  However, as you go along, you soon discover there is a lot more to learn. There are free keyword tools – such as the Google Keyword Tool – that are easy to use and give great information. There are also a variety of paid keyword tools that provide in-depth information.

Definitions to help you understand keyword tools

  Keyword Density Tool What is keyword density? Keyword density is determined by how many times a specific keyword is used in relation to how many words are on an individual web page. Too high of a keyword density can be viewed as spam, but too low of a keyword density doesn't put much weight on an individual keyword you might be targeting. A keyword density tool counts the number of times a keyword is used and gives you a percent score for keyword density.  The acceptable level of keyword density is between 1% and 2%. Keyword Extractor Tool What can you do with a keyword extractor tool? Use a keyword extraction tool to analyze keywords on your own website, or scan other websites to get new keyword lists for your posts and marketing campaigns. Keyword Domain Finder Tool What is a keyword rich domain? A keyword rich domain refers to an URL that contains one or more specific keywords. By specifically searching for domain names that contain your desired keyword, you can often find other websites with a focus on a specific niche. Use a keyword domain finder to discover sites for partnerships, to research competition, to identify other authority sites using your keywords, and to find domains using your keywords. Keyword Suggestion Tool Find new keywords with the Keyword Suggestion Tool. A keyword suggestion generator quickly builds a list of keywords related to your target keyword or key phrase. Enter any keyword or phrase, and keyword tools find related terms from Google related search terms and Yahoo related searches.. Keyword Rank Checker A Keyword Rank Checker Tool checks rankings for keywords on multiple search engines. Enter your URL and a list of keywords, and a keyword ranking tool will automatically fetch your ranking in all major search engines for each keyword. Why check keyword ranking? Keyword ranking is an important factor in tracking search engine optimization results for your own website, or performing SEO research and website analysis for any other website. Monitor your progress for keywords with a keyword rank checker tool.  

Keyword Tools  - More info than you wanted?

  Like I said at the beginning there is lots to learn about keyword tools; however, if you are just starting out stick to the basics. Read our articles on Keyword Research  - you will find a lot of useful information about how to search for keywords.

Learning how to use keyword tools is not for everyone.

This is one of the great advantages of being part of a team and group project.  There are those who enjoy:
  • keyword research and using keyword tools
  • being involved in social media
  • writing articles
  • creating videos
If you are considering starting a home business, then a great way to get started is by working on group projects and learning from leaders.

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