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Since the launch in June 2011, Google + has grown to over 90 million users.  With the addition of [caption id="attachment_2692" align="alignright" width="153"]Google + Google +[/caption] business pages, many expect massive growth especially with business owners. Just because it’s the newest addition to the social platforms, do not discount its importance. Remember, Google+ isn’t just any network. This platform is directly impacting search results and our experience of doing research in Google. So if you’re planning to add Google + to your arsenal of social media platforms, let’s take a look at...

What Google + has to offer your business

  1) Google+ is indexed by Google
  • Helps customers to find you faster and easier
  • Increase visibility
  • Search results are  affected by the people  you’re  connected  to in Google+
  • Social connections may hold more importance to Google than links
  • Sites on Google+ tend to be indexed very quickly
  • +1 links may rank higher in search results
2) Google+ offers easier user experience.
  • Easier to share and rank other peoples posts and comments
  • More options for sharing: videos, post, photos, chat and conferencing.
  • Organize and personalize your circles. Follow and share what you want with who you want .
3) Google + users are more consistent users.
  • 60% of Google users log in every day and 80% log in every week compared to 50% of Twitter users who log in daily.
  Just like the other social networks, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; Googel+  is all about sharing, connecting and building relationships.

How to use Google+ Business Page for your business.

  1) The Sharing becomes easier. Share information to entertain, inform and interest your audience. When you share, others learn more about you and your interests. Remember you are what you share so people will resonate with the image you share of yourself. Make sure you provide value and become a resource that helps to build your brand. Google+ loves lots and lots of photos and is built for sharing images. Think about how you can use visual marketing for your business. What images, charts or slides can you use to initiate interest, conversation and increase the viral spread of your content? 2) Promote your business. Add recommended links. Google+ encourages you to promote your business. Under the “About” tab of your Google+ Page, you can add recommended links on the right side bar. Here you can add links to your blog, important blog articles and lead generation offers to drive more traffic and leads for your business. 3) Promote your Google+ Page on your blog and website. Cross-promotion is key to building your Google+ community. The way to get people to add your  Google+  Page  to their Circles is to promote the page in places such as your homepage, blog side bar and other social media accounts. 4) Encourage people to share your posts. Just like the request to “retweet” on Twitter, when you post a message, photo or link on Google+; ask your subscribers to share your content with the people in their Circles. 5) Build a Community. Create a place where your subscribers can talk and share their experiences. One of the biggest selling points of Google+ is the ability to segment different groups of people into what they have named “Circles”. This enables you to share content with certain people or a combination of people but not necessarily all of the people you are connected with. Now that I have given you some information and insights on what Google+ has to offer; are you ready to add this powerful social platform to your marketing strategy? If you’re ready to get started, here are two great resources: Google+ For Business How to Optimize Your Google+ Business Page: Some say the competition is on between the mighty Facebook with its 800 million users and the new and upcoming Google+. Personally, I think that both platforms have value for different reasons. Facebook is great on the social level, but I think Google + provides the business owner more marketing advantages. What do you think? Pam McKeen P.S. Please “Like”, share with your friends, and leave your comments.  We look forward to hearing from you.   Cheers!