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Starting a home business using a blogStarting a home business by blogging



  • To get more exposure by getting to the first page of Google
  • To get more leads
  • To get more sales

5 reasons for blogging when starting a home business

  1.Traffic Blogging is today’s best way for customers and colleagues to find you. You provide valuable content and the power of the Internet leads them to your site. Your business blog needs to attract true customer traffic. 2. Creating a business blog helps your customers to get to know you When people get to know you and your product you have an opportunity to build a relationship. This builds trust and people do business with those they trust. Today’s marketing is all about building business relationships and word of mouth advertising. 3. Provide a better way to service your customer A business that provides the best service, wins the most customers. A blog provides an excellent way for a business to meet the needs of their customers and stay connected. 4. Establish yourself as the expert Nobody knows your business better than you do. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your niche. You become the go-to-person creating a strong bond between you and your clients. 5. A business blog gives your business a face and voice Blogging gives your business an online ‘location.’ Being present on the Internet and providing value exposes your business to a very large audience. Blogging is cost effective; it is a proven way to get better business results.

Starting a home business through blogging? What do you do first?

  The truth is you need to do more than just put up a blog. There are two important preparatory steps. The first step is business planning; creating a business plan to support the vision you have for starting a home business. The second step it keyword research. You have to have targeted keywords to bring people to your blog. In order to find the best keywords for your market a keyword research tool will give you the best results. Using a keyword selector tool is actually essential to successful business planning and building a business blog. A keyword selector tool determines the lowest competition keywords and the overall global search volume for your keyword. When a customer is ready to buy, they use search engines to locate products. They know what they want they want and when they find it they will buy. Do you want to be the person or blog that buying customers find? The bottom line is that there is no point in writing a post if you have not done the keyword research. Keyword tools will help you to determine all of the following and much more.
  • Find keywords
  • Define the competition
  • Analyze the top 10 sites in your niche
  • Analyze the keywords for searches, competition, traffic, relevancy, and commerciality
  • Help you determine a domain name
  • Find relevant content for your blog
Like any brick and mortar business; starting a home business online requires good planning and a firm foundation. In summary remember to plan your business with a written business plan and do the keyword research that will guide customers to your blog. A new and exciting way to get the training you need to build your online business is to work with a business team on group blogging projects. You will have the opportunity to learn and earn; and by working with a group you will quickly learn how to plan your own business and do effective keyword research. P.S. Learn more about starting a home business and our SBI Team.