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Starting A Home Based BusinessStarting a Home Business Successfully is a burning desire for many of us, not just a dream. For many reasons there is a growing contingent in our workforce that is rejecting  "industrial revolution" values about traditional jobs, and seriously considering a Work From Home Business. With the economy and many mega-corporations in deep trouble, we are looking for ways to secure our future that do not rely on others, or that can provide a parachute to safety if our current situation tanks. A Small Home Business could be the answer. In addition there are a massive number of Baby Boomers entering retirement with incomes greatly reduced, or at risk because of the reckless actions of Wall Street Moguls and Mega-Corporation Officers.  No wonder so many of us are looking for legitimate Online Business Ideas. Building a business from home that is under our direct control definitely has appeal. Considering the number of people who are considering a work from home business, I thought it would be a good idea to spend a few minutes talking about what it requires.

Starting A Home Business Could Be A Terrific Solution

Before implementing your Online Business Ideas there are many things that should be considered. Starting A Home Business is a serious undertaking, and must be viewed as such. Consider for a moment where you are working from. Do you have a private space free of "outside" distractions. Rules must be set and adhered to in order for you to concentrate on your business. Children running in or playing nearby when you are on the phone with a customer or client does not appear professional. The idea is to work from home without the appearance of working from home. Here's what Mike Rogers had to say in his excellent article entitled 5 Tips To Make Your Home-Based Business Not Appear "Homemade"
Tip # 4: Define your office etiquette rules to your family. What are the rules going to be for your kids and family members when you're on the phone or meeting with a client? Are you going to set a timer so they know when you'll be available? Are you going to have set office hours and not meet with clients outside of those times? Are you going to have a play space in your office? This is especially important if you're going to have small kids playing nearby (quietly) while you work.

Online Business Ideas Require Business Planning

  1. Do you have the support of your family members for your Home Business?
  2. Are you a self-starter and a self-motivator?
  3. Do you already possess the online skill set necessary to properly utilize the Internet to promote your Online Business Ideas?
  4. Do you have the necessary computer equipment, including a computer, a printer/fax, etc?
  5. What is your budget? You can forget the idea that Starting A Home Business is free! There are tools that are absolutely essential, and many others that will save so much time they are almost essential.
  6. Do you have a business plan?
  7. Have your Online Business Ideas been validated through appropriate Competitor Analysis and Niche and Keyword Research?
  8. Are you going to develop your own website or blog, or have a professional do it for you (another potentially large expense).
  9. What kind of support network and/or mentors are at your disposal (few businesses succeed without strong mentors).
  10. Are there products or services that you can market with your Online Business Ideas? Does anyone else care about your products or services (Market Analysis).
These are but of a few of the many factors involved in Starting a Home Business. it's certainly not my intention to overwhelm anyone, but these are things that need to be thought about before you start on your Work From Home Business! Better now than later when you throw up your hands and say "If I'd only known".

Online Business Ideas Are NOT Created Equal!

Put another way, "Buyer Beware". There are legitimate Online Business Ideas that afford real opportunity. It's up to you to do your due diligence exactly as you would for an offline business. Most new Online Marketers see the plethora of advertisements offering push-button solutions promising instant income and bank accounts overflowing with cash. You can, as many of us have, spend thousands of dollars on these worthless scams. When you see advertisements that display incredible earnings in short periods of time - run the other way as fast as you can. No legitimate business is going to sell you their secrets for $39.95. It's not going to happen. And beware of the smooth-talking vendor who says "I'm doing this because I really want to see people succeed. I've been so blessed by the Internet that I just want to give back". Balderdash! Business is business, and most likely these unscrupulous "gurus" are just trying to milk a final few bucks out of a tired strategy that no longer works.

Legitimate Online Business Ideas Speak For Themselves

With all the forewarning, what I'm about to tell you may come as a surprise. I'm really in favor of, and encourage people to build online businesses! I've been involved with Internet Marketing since the early 90's, and have seen it's potential over and over again.  I just believe in telling it like it is, because Starting a Home Business is not for everyone! It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but the rewards can certainly be worth it. Wouldn't you rather know for sure before investing time and money that you have to be this for the long-haul? You can find additional information about Starting A Home Business by visiting the Small Business Administration's fabulous website. There is a wealth of information and resources available therein. Some legitimate Online Business Ideas are over-hyped. I don't think they need to be, but that seems to be the nature of the game. I personally look for business opportunities that are rock solid, and actually deliver a valuable product or service while ignoring the hype. Just the fact, please! Sites with replicated websites, by the way, are typically worthless, as Google now frowns on them. Bring your original Online Business Ideas to the Internet, and with patience and a lot of hard work you can be one of the success stories. My number one recommendation is to talk with a lot of people. Do research on the programs you are considering and find out if the market is already saturated, or if it is a young market with little competition that you can penetrate. There is a lot to know about Starting a Home Business, but all the answers can be found on the Internet.

Help Implementing Your Online Business Ideas

As mentioned, your Online Business Ideas have a much better chance of success if you have a strong support network. First and foremost is your family and friends. Are they supportive, and will they encourage you when the going gets tough - as it surely will. Then there are your professional mentors, whom, quite frankly you can't do without. So where do you find them? The blog post you are reading appears on a group blog/project being run by members of Small Biz Incubator. We are a network of individuals who understand that we have more strength and opportunity when we work together as a team. In fact, when people work together to promote Online Business Ideas, statistics prove that they are about 900 times more likely to succeed. As a long-time business owner and marketer, I love those odds. Small Biz Incubator is open to help anyone who recognizes the advantage of instant access to professional support and mentoring. Currently our team is working on this blog as one of our group projects - under the watchful eye of several of our highly qualified mentors. Our teams are small, so there are not many openings. We are expanding at the moment so there is opportunity if you act fast. Inside, you'll find well seasoned marketers and professional trainers ready to assist you with every step of the learning process. And there's nothing like learning by doing! Best of all, the skills we teach can be used to develop any legitimate Online business Ideas you have! Joining with us could well be the best value and investment available on the Internet today. And that's not hype! We'd love you to be part of our group if you're drop-dead serious about building your own work from home opportunity. Online Business Ideas Forum and Training Center (Small Biz Incubator)            
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CONSIDERING STARTING A HOME BUSINESS? Starting a Home Business Successfully is a burning desire for many of us, not just a dream. For many reasons there is a growing contingent in our workforce that is rejecting  "industrial revolution" values about traditional jobs, and seriously considering a Work From Home Business. With the economy and many mega-corporations […]