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My View Of The Olympic Games

 I have found it very interesting watching these 2012 Olympic gamesOlympic Traits


One of the background things of a runner is that any sponsor who takes him on also agrees to help his country. Emotions run very high a lot of the time. One woman gymnast cried because she only got a few silver medals.  I guess only gold was acceptable to her. She is missing being grateful for what she got.

A few slipped up in their sport -falling on the trampoline, horses knocking over the bars, gymnast taking an extra step in landing or falling off the balance beam. It was heartbreaking to watch. A split second and they are either in the running for a medal or out. Some cry and are supported by the people with them. Some are just left alone. If it was a group they were in sometimes the other teammates would not go near them.

The badminton players that were sent home really, I feel, cheated their fans and country. People paid to see them and then they fooled around instead of playing. It just did not make any sense.

I found some of the runners amazing. They are running against the top runners in the world and some were a few seconds ahead. Michael Phelps has done astounding getting so many medals! My emotions come out watching the effort and seeing the results.

Every single athlete there should feel so proud of themselves for doing what it takes to get there, all the many years of training and effort, the time spent instead of doing something else and being able to represent their country in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. It is wonderful seeing them get the medal for their country!

Congratulations to all!

I looked into the character traits that Olympic athletes have.


  • Knowing how hard to push themselves
  • Optimism to improve. They view one’s life glass half full versus half empty. This allows them to remain positive when faced with difficulties and rebound more quickly when experiencing failure, not overly concerned with mistakes or experiencing frequent doubts about their abilities
  • being aware of themselves
  • motivation from within -natural interest, highly motivated and committed
  • they have plans to deal with distractions-biggest challenges are family and sponsers
  • having a routine and sticking to it
  • determination
  • patience
  • perfectionism
  • organization -they plan their life around their training
  • persistence
  • competitiveness
  • goal-oriented -they not only set goals but are good at making multiple plans to achieve their goals
  •  very high expectations
  • focus on task at hand, focus on key performance-related factors while effectively blocking out distraction
  • can handle stress and cope with adversity
  • mentally tough-perseverance, resilience, and the ability to deal with adversity
  • sport intelligence - being a student of the sport

These are all amazing qualities. People starting a home business can learn from them.

Focus, determination, believing in yourself and persistence are all so important!

See if you can incorporate some of these Olympic qualities into how you are conducting your business!


P.S.  Developing winning qualities through personal development is all about starting a home business successfully.




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