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A Practical Idea

Self-Realization The Key To SuccessThe concept of “self-realization” may seem like a philosophical ideal rather than a practical idea. But if we want to take control of our life, and become a success, it only makes sense that we need to know who we are. It's our self-image, the picture we hold of ourselves in our minds, that becomes the key to our lives. We create and hold this picture of ourselves, and it’s from this picture that all of our feelings, actions, and behaviors even our abilities evolve. Said another way, we develop a database of perceptions and beliefs which we program into our mind to become the primary factors that shapes our lives. We become the kind of person that we think we are. The bottom line is there’s no amount of effort, determination, commitment, or willpower that can change us as long as we hold on to the picture of who we think we are. In order to change our picture we must first look at how we form our self-image.

Our Self-Image Realized - Understood

Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his book Spontaneous Evolution, describes three primary sources of our perception. 1. Genome programming (instincts) 2. Memories in the Subconscious Mind 3. Actions of the Self-Conscious Mind The first source of our self-image is actually our biology. We are born with certain preprogrammed reflex behaviors which we think of as instincts. These genetically inherited instincts are the perceptions we inherit from Mother Nature. The second source of our self-image, and probably the most powerful source of our life controlling perceptions, comes from our experiential memories which are downloaded into our subconscious mind. Our first perception comes from nature the second comes from nurture. The development of our self-image begins before we're even born. Sue Gerhardt in her book, Why Love Matters, explains that by the time a baby is born emotional information is downloaded from the mother's experiences and will have already shaped half of that individual's personality. However, the most influential self-image programming occurs in the subconscious mind from birth through the age of six. During this time a child's sensory systems are fully engaged recording all sensory experiences along with learning the complex motor programs for speech, crawling and even advanced activities like running and jumping. Research shows that it's during this early period of development that nature facilitates our learning process by boosting “the subconscious minds ability to download massive amounts of information.” We now understand how this happens because of our study of brain waves in children and adults. During this early stage, a child's perception of the world is directly downloaded into the subconscious mind, without discrimination and without the filter of the analytical self-conscious mind. Once programmed in, this subconscious programming will influence 95% of our behavior for the rest of our lives. It is these perceptions, acquired before the age of six that become the foundation which shape the character of our lives. The third source of perception that shapes our lives is our self-conscious mind. This is our creative mind - the place from which we express our free will.  However, a problem arises because this self-image is not who we are, but rather who we think we are. The largest portion of our programming comes from the second source or the subconscious mind and once programmed in we don't question the validity of the information. We live as though it were true and even if it's not we believe it is.

Discovering Who We Are

One way to discover who we are is to discover who we are not. We are not our possessions or our positions. While we may know in our Heart that our self-worth is not determined by what we own or what we do for a living, our ego-mind tries to convince us otherwise. Our ego does not want us to take a good look at ourselves rather it would have us take a bad look at ourselves. This self-image comes mostly from our second source programming. So how do we change our program? One way to begin changing our subconscious programming is, self-acceptance and by consciously affirming that we are worthy and deserving of happiness, love and success. We experience in life what we believe is true. It follows then, if our thought patterns are, "I don't deserve this, I can't have that or I'm a bad person," we will continue to create conditions that correspond to those thoughts. The first and most important step in creating change is self-acceptance by loving who we are while being ourselves. All of us have a shadow-self and because of that each one of us have things in our lives that we regret, but it is important to let go,  stop dwelling on the regret and move on. We have to learn the lesson from the experience while letting go of the experience.

Start the Journey of Self-Discovery and Success

I encourage you to begin your journey of self-discovery at once; nothing but good can come from it. Don't worry about the kind of person that you think you are. Don't judge yourself or compare yourself with other people. One of my favorite sayings, though I'm not sure of the original source, is "I am not better than anyone, but I am better than I used to be." The truth is that you are not what you have and you are not what you do. What you are is whole and deserving of happiness, love and success. Know that your happiness and success in life is in directly proportional to your ability to understand and except this truth about yourself – which is why self-realization is not just a philosophical ideal but a very practical idea. Please join in the “starting a home business” conversation by liking, sharing, and leaving a comment. To Your Success,  Tom Renfro P. S. If you are looking to start the very practical  journey of self-discovery and success you're welcome to join us at Small Biz Incubator. Visit the Work With Us page. Tom Renfro      
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