How To Automate Your Social Networks

Using HootSuite To Make Your Life Easier




If you have chosen to use social media as a means to market your home business successfully, you may wondering how you are going to manage the various social networks and still have time for your business.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you looking for an easy way to manage organize, schedule and update all from one central location?

HootSuite is just the tool for you!


  • HootSuite is a great social media management tool. If you’re running several social media  networks - such as your business’ Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+  along with your personal social media profiles; implementing  a tool like HootSuite to manage your social networks will save you time and help you to stay on top of all of your profiles.
  • HootSuite is an easy to use secure web-based dashboard.
  • HootSuite allows you to add RSS Feeds from your favorite blog sites so their posts automatically post to your followers. You can add your own blog into your RSS Feed so your blog posts will go out automatically to all your social media profiles.It also allows you certain control options so you are not overwhelming your followers with too much information.
  • HootSuite App Directory allows you to add even more social networks and tools into your dashboard. Example networks include Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, as well as marketing focused tools such as MailChimp, SocialFlow, InboxQ, Constant Contact, and many more.
  • Hootsuite provides great analytics to measure your Twitter message and also allows you to bring in your website Google Analytics and Facebook Insights as well. You can create a report within the dashboard itself. This update includes newly added metrics such as measuring your Twitter follower growth, tracking mentions on Twitter and Facebook Insights. The Google Analytics measurement modules, enables you to track how many users are coming to your site based on the links you are sharing from a specific Twitter account.  So not only can you post from one place you can measure from one place as well.
  • HootSuite has a basic Free Account, which lets you manage up to 5 social media profiles. They also have a Pro Account that lets you manage unlimited social profiles and lets you have up to 2 users running these accounts. This is really useful when, for example, the management of your business Twitter profile or your Facebook Fan Page is shared by two different people.

See how easy it is to  automate your social media marketing



HootSuite Adds Advanced Facebook Management Tools from HootSuite on Vimeo.


I have enjoyed using HootSuite for a number of years and would be lost without it. It saves time, helps me to preplan, schedule and organizes my social networks all from one dashboard.

HootSuite is always upgrading, adapting and keeping abreast of whatever the ever changing and evolving social networks have in store for us. And, that’s a good thing for me and my online business.

If you’re overwhelmed or could use a really helpful, time saving tool, I highly recommend giving HootSuite a try.

To your Success

Pam McKeen

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  1. Hi Pam, thanks for sharing such an awesome and well thought article about HootSuite. We particularly love hearing how our humble dashboard helps people like yourself in both business and day to day life.

    Thanks for the kind words, posts like these mean a lot to everyone at HootSuite HQ. Let us know if we can help with anything and HOOT ON!

    HootSuite Community

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