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If you don’t act on life, life acts on your behalf.

The days, weeks and months go by and at the end you regret you did not do things differently.George Bernard Shaw was asked on his deathbed, “What would you do if you could live your life over again?” He replied with a deep sigh, “I’d like to have been the person I could have been but never was.”

Personal development is all about living a better life.

Find your calling and focus on it. We all have special talents. We all want to be the best we can be. Focus and spend your time on what your do best.
As Mahatma Gandhi says ”Be the change that you wish to see most in your world.” Once you do, your life will change.
Being kind to others in our everyday life adds up to something great over time. Paying it forward is what many people are doing these days. If everyone did this every day, can you imagine the huge changes that would happen!

A Great Story Of Selfless Love

A man with a serious illness was wheeled into a hospital room where another patient was resting on his bed next to the window. As the two became friends, the man next to the window would spend hours every day telling the other man what he saw out the window. He would describe the trees in the park or the people walking by and what they were doing. As time went on, the bedridden man grew frustrated that he couldn’t see out the window. He became angry about it and grew to hate him. One day, the patient next to the window had a coughing fit and stopped breathing. The other man did not call for help. The man died and was removed from the room. The other man quickly asked that his bed be put by the window. As he looked out the window he discovered something that made him shake: it faced a blank brick wall. The former roommate had made up the stories to help him feel better during his hospital stay. He did it out of selfless love. When involved in something negative see if you can change your perspective to a positive one and think of a better way of dealing with it. Having self-discipline in what you do helps you live a more deliberate, focused life. The quality of your life is shaped by the choices and decisions you make along the way. They are often not the most convenient or most comfortable decisions. Be a person who keeps their word. Saying things you don’t mean can become a habit if practiced long enough. You lose your credibility and trust. Stop thinking about your past. Just remember the lessons you learned from it. People that take chances and do more, do experience more failures. They have a richer life though. Schedule your priorities down in a planner for every day. If you don’t, you can easily get sidetracked and not get them done. Concentrate on doing what you do best and say no to requests if they are not going to improve your life. Stay focused on your personal development! Be the best you can be! Susan Bowman P.S. Please click the “Like” button, share with your friends, and leave your comments. We look forward to hearing from you, or answering your questions.  
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