Starting a Home Business

Create An Online Income By Starting A Home Business

The Important Steps in Starting a Home Business


Starting a Home Business

Important Steps in Starting a Home Business


Having a music and book store as well as becoming a life coach led me to understand that there is much more than learning and doing. I love this. Since I mainly coach over the telephone or online the computer has become an important partner.

Two years ago I flew all the way over from Germany to Portland where I got to know some interesting people. Starting a home business besides my local business is today one of the most important and exciting things I do.



There are 6 things to keep in mind if you want to create an online income…

  1. -        find out whether starting a home business is what you really want
  2. -        find out what inspires you
  3. -        find out what keywords have enough traffic
  4. -        find out who your competitors are and learn from them
  5. -        find out what to do and be patient and persistent, don`t give up
  6. -        find out where to get help from – for example here: (Small Biz Incubator)

When starting it is good to have some other source of income to carry you through this process. It takes time to do the research, find the right business, and  find the right help. Here are some fast start examples, however remember to build an online income you need to prepare.

Other steps for creating an online income when starting a home business are:  

  • your own product development
  • a website, blog or some other platform, where you can sell your product or service
  • writing articles yourself or outsource them to a copywriter
  • the knowledge how to get traffic (customers) to your site

These are just a few steps and there are more things to come. However the most important thing to keep in mind is your passion for what you do. If you only feel motivated to try and are not confident that you want to create an online income then you probably won`t succeed.

Finding out Whether Starting a Home Business is What You Really Want

How can you find out whether starting a home business is what you really want to do?  This is where you might need to do some thinking out of the box, brainstorming, talking to friends - who really want to support you - or find a coach or consultant to help you along the way, to guide you through the first steps you need to take. For example the way we do it here at “Starting a Home Business”

Here is one way to start your brainstorming session.

  1. Get a piece of paper and start writing. Write down everything which comes into your mind - when you think of starting a home business. Don`t worry, just relax, ideas will come.
  2. Also, write down things which you think don`t fit. Sometimes those thoughts create new ideas.
  3. Set a time limit (say a half hour or whatever is comfortable for you) when the times up –Stop and look at your list.
  4. Choose your favorite ideas and find more words or phrases around that idea.
  5. Look for keywords in those niches.
  6. Start researching.

A home business you don`t start - cannot create an online income for YOU.

To Your Outrageous Abundance!


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  1. You've noticed this ahead of; we're surviving in an information grow older. The business community has stopped being powered through tangible goods but about info and ideas. Internet dependent firms or any other businesses that use the Internet being an integral marketing strategy which don't utilize information-based products or services might before long find themselves without having customers or even using lackluster revenue.

  2. Very thought provoking Marianne.Like yourself,I made that journey to Portland at the beginning of my Online Business. I had just retired from my full time job and decided that I would enter into the world of online marketing.Those connections have proved to be invaluable. Your points t are something everyone should consider when making this decision.

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