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When it comes to starting a home business


preparation is often overlooked.   

    Society, all of us, we want everything to be instant.  Sign up and get results right away.  Marketers are using this “instant” mentality to their advantage.  Here are examples:
  • By starting a home business today you will be earning money tomorrow
  • Instant access to starting a home business now
  • Make $5000.00 in a day right away
The question that is not answered is:  "How much preparation goes into making $5000.00 in a day?" The laws of nature teach us that everything has a gestation period and has to go through a series of stages before it is formed, functioning, and producing. Taking the time to completely prepare for your business is both the most difficult part and the most important part of starting a home business.

Compare the process of repainting a car to starting a home business. 

  If your car has to be repainted you don’t simply take a can of paint and spray it.  Time must be spent arduously cleaning and sanding the car body; then filling in the nicks, pounding out the dents.  Then more sanding, cleaning and masking and priming before the actual painting can be done. Then one day your car is “Ta-daaapainted in a day! Or compare a beautiful house to…

…. starting a home business. 

  The house is freshly painted.  The flowers surrounding the house are gorgeous and very colourful.  The lawn is green; there is a vegetable garden full of delicious looking vegetables. How many people are going to say, “Look at the foundation on that house! WOW!  The cement work around the base of the house is expertly done?” My guess is that no one will even notice the foundation.  But the foundation is an essential part of the preparation that must be done before anything else can be built. If you are looking online for ways to start a home business, then begin by preparing for success. You must do the research that will tell you if your business has a chance to be both competitive and profitable.  Do not proceed past this point until you have completed the research. How do you do this if you are starting a home business online?  By studying keywords and determining the best ones for your business and joining with others who can show you the way. Be serious about your business;  learn, study, and prepare for success.   P.S.  Please “Like”, share with your friends, and leave your comments. We look forward to hearing from you. Starting a Home Business